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Welcome to ShilazTech

Partner Services

We work with our global partners, who are introducing cloud based technology to Oil and Gas Sector for following, to get these technologies to oil & gas industry in India:

1. Internet of Things
2. Softwares
3. Data Acquisition
4. Data processing
5. Interpretation
6. Training
7. Research and Development


OnCloud PTS stands for Petro Technical Services on Cloud. It is a division of ShilazTech Pvt LTD dedicated to serve hydrocarbon E&P industry.

OnCloud PTS uses desktop virtualization infrastructure on cloud to provide  industry leading petrotechnical services.

Our Petro Technical experts from around the globe can access the platform to login from anywhere in world and collaborate to work on their assigned projects.

We ensure complete Data security and residency compliance


Why ShilazTech?

Our mission is to serve oil and gas Industry with best of technology, talent, and quality.


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